Sunday, July 21, 2013

Room to Room

This new progress update video shows a bit of a milestone with our animated door sliding open and our heroine able to move to a new room.

I did all the room background artwork for the apartment a few weeks ago and I have been coding like a demon since then ironing out all the issues with moving from room to room and persisting the game state across view and room changes.

For those of you who are coders you might be interested in this aspect of CocosBuilder and Cocos itself - since it is scene based, and your scene is effectively your entire user-interface, moving to a new room basically tears down the whole UI, and it has to be rebuilt again from the CCB file for the next room or view.

This makes for some fun and games when an item has been modified in one view and you need it to reflect those modifications in a new view on the "same item".  Like wise with items that have been added to the inventory, and which to not appear in the next view.

Lastly of course the actual opening of doors and the logic with the character having to wait for the door to slide open before walking through had to be done.

This is done with action queueing which also took quite a while to get working properly.  So for example the sequence to go through to the walk-in-wardrobe is
  • player taps the door to the wardrobe and says "Go"
  • queue a GoTo  action to the wardrobe room
  • that requires the door to be opened first so...
  • queue a GoTo the door
  • queue a Open of the door
  • when the door open occurs it plays an animation of it sliding open
  • finally execute the action to go to the wardrobe
This is all now working.  Whew!

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