Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Climb Animation Sequence

I've been working on a climb animation for our heroine climbing up on to a high surface, which she does in a number of the "puzzles" in the game. 

Here she has to climb on the bed to see a screwdriver sitting on the window sill. The new 38 frame animation dovetails pretty well into the walk cycle, but there is no way to split the character into two so her front leg is "on" the bed while her back leg is behind it. 

If Spine can do that then that might be a compelling case for switching to it finally.
This is what the frames of animation look like in TexturePacker, as a sprite sheet.

Currently that is my pipeline, and of course switching to Spine would mean a big change in workflow - I might be able to reuse the artwork out of Anime Studio (which is what I animate in, and then generate PNG frames from) to create the Spine pieces.

If I do go for Spine it might have to be after I get this Beta done for early August - I'll never hit that date if I have to change now.

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