Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Little Help Would be Awesome!

Hi friends!  So if you have a little time to help out a struggling indie game developer - and you have an iOS device - I would really really appreciate it!  My new game Space Bot Alpha is out on the App Store, and *just got a feature at 9th position* in worldwide paid strategy games.

Its make or break time for my bid to be an indie game developer.  My app store feature only lasts a week, and thus *I have only that 7 days* to turn that exposure into actual success for our little heroic Space Bot.

What do you need me to do?

1) Find Space Bot Alpha on the App Store of your iOS device, or failing that on your iTunes by: App Store > Featured > Categories > Games > Strategy > Paid -- or -- by typing in the search box "Space Bot Alpha".  There's also the button on this page.

2) Play the preview video and check the screenshots and see what you think!  I'd love it if you'd play the game if it looks like fun.  I have a couple of promo codes if the $1.99US cost is an issue.  If it doesn't look like your thing, well, thanks for reading so far!

3) Share! If you get through 1) & 2) above then please please share.  The game has a built in sharing feature that takes a screenshot whenever you win a level, and tapping the share button on the score screen allows you to tout your victories on Twitter, Facebook and SinaWeibo.

4) Review!  This is sooo important to me.  Please please review!  If you liked the game, go and add a review by hitting the "Reviews" tab on the Space Bot Alpha page on the App Store.  Genuine reviews from players are huge for helping App Store browsers decide to spend their hard-earned coin. Note that the option to review is only available if you get the game.

5) Write a blog post, online review or even just talk about your experiences playing the game.  I have to be a publicity seeking firefly right now, so any bit of extra buzz is great!

6) Follow / subscribe / like on the Space Bot Alpha Google+ page.  A Facebook page is coming soon.

So, well - thanks for reading!  Got questions?  Check the FAQ or post below.


If you were on Android...

I'm a one woman coding team, and while I'm currently working hard on the Android port and have early builds working already, what I have right now available is the iOS version of the game.  If that fails in the App Store its possible the Android build will never eventuate.  Right now I need to hype the iOS side of things to pay for ramen and rent, so I can keep working on the Android build and the next update.

Great about your feature, why do you need us?

Yes, its great that Apple has featured the game!  Being at 9th position for paid strategy games is a huge deal.  It means I have a chance.  But that exposure means nothing if those folks browsing the new strategy games in the next week never wind up getting the game.  This is where *reviews and a good vibe on social media* come in.  Convincing those browsing folks to be Space Bot Alpha players is critical right now!

Couldn't see the Preview Video?

For some reason Apple uses the iPhone 4"/3.5" shots for the iTunes desktop, and since I only recorded game play videos for iPad, iPhone6, and iPhone6+ that may be empty when you view the game listing.  I'm on it - will be fixed for the next update.  In the meantime you can see the video on YouTube (embedded above) or on the Space Bot Alpha website.

Found a bug/crash!

Ah, the joys of being a solo indie developer!  Its really hard to test all corner cases on all devices and I'm already aware of a few crashes and niggles.  If you have time to report them you can do so on the support page: - also I should get reports sent to me from Apple.  I'm already working on the next update to the game which will have some fixes in it for these issues.

Can't Afford It!

I know, by the time $1.99USD gets translated in to local money it can be a bit of sticker shock compared to other online buys.  Especially if you're between jobs or otherwise doing it tough.  So, here's some promo codes:
  • M6TPRJPY6969
  • 9EH97PENY74T
If you use one please comment below so that other folks don't get the cold shoulder when they try it on the App Store.  Also, if you try a code and it doesn't work - maybe someone forgot to record it below, so if you could comment below on that too it would be super cool!

I don't have Time!

Its a problem!  Me too.  :-)  Don't worry about reviews or the other stuff if you have no time to play, or its not your thing, as what I am really after is genuine player feels for the game.  I would not ask that of you, so if you have no time I totally understand and you're off the hook!  Maybe someone you know does have the time so feel free to share this post!  Pass on the hype!

Thanks for Everything!

I could not have got here without my amazing Producer, business partner, hubby and best friend Raymond Smith.  He has put up with my tantrums, fits of despair and interminable 7 day weeks to get Space Bot Alpha to where it is now.  

My very close friends (hi Kahni especially) also have been a huge rock of support - so thank you all.  Also a big shout out to my folks Maxwell and Shirley Smith for being encouraging with this crazy game development effort.

Its tough being an indie developer with no marketing department and no AAA budget.   So thanks again, and wish me luck!