Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Head down, tail up - its modelling time

I'm working very hard right now trying to hit my self-imposed deadline of August 12 for having the beta ready.  That means getting all the rooms for the apartment done.

Coding is coming along well and I have killed a bunch of bugs that were stopping things working with the inventory and moving around.

This week I'm modelling the remaining rooms - which is basically the exterior of the apartment, the balcony that is, and the interior of the living room/kitchen/lounge area.  This is the area where the encounter with the "killer" character occurs and puzzles must be solved to successfully set up traps and avoid character death at the end of the first act.

This is one of the first renders and needs lots of fine tuning before I use it in the game.  But this basic scene is going to be used to introduce the killer character who comes climbing up the exterior of the building to attack our heroine.

I used Maxwell Render to do this, from a model that I built up from scratch using Sketchup.  The design for the apartment is from my original drawings.  The concrete texture and (a bit hard to see here) the wooden tile texture for the floor are all Maxwell textures - which are pretty good.  I haven't put an arris on the edge of the concrete balcony or sunshades - that probably needs doing so it matches the concrete elsewhere.

Anyway - good progress.  I have already modelled the whole internal area of the apartment so the rest of the week will mostly be fiddling with lighting, fixing up details and adding polish, while I run renders of all the views.

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