Monday, December 24, 2012


Finally starting to get some traction on the game creator having bullied CoreData, Key-Value coding, ArrayControllers and all the other mystical components of Cocoa into doing what I need.  Thanks to all who gave me encouragement!

Screenshot of game creator - 30% done

The game itself is still only partly set up to become data driven, but that I think will be a lot simpler than actually getting the data in there in the first place.  Because so much of it is about the rich world of objects, properties and descriptions the actual game content has to be data driven - hard coding it would have been a massive undertaking and very difficult to debug.

The buttons on the right are for creating exits from the room, and going ahead to the atoms screen to create the contents for that room.  These buttons, and the Atoms and Aspects screens are still on my todo list.  But I can use the room as a model and I'm sure it will be a lot quicker.

Things to add are a launcher button so I can launch the game from the creator, and have the game use [a copy of] the current view of the data as edited by the creator.

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