Friday, July 26, 2013

Upgrading a Project to a New Version of Cocos2D

A short video tutorial on this subject, since I just had to do this job myself and its not entirely obvious how to go about doing it, or how to solve some of the problems that can occur.

To check out the project used in this tutorial have a look at my earlier tutorials on Lua (linked in the panel on the right) and you'll find a reference to the GitHub repo where you can download the source.

Just to help Google searches finding this post:

  • CTFontManagerRegisterFontsForURL link error?
    • you need to add CoreText framework as this is a new dependency for Cocos
  • CCFontDefinition symbols not found link error?
    • you need to "add files" and re-add the cocos2D libs directory
    • there are some new .m files which are in the distro but not added to your project
Link errors when upgrading Cocos2D are probably due to these issues - new files and dependencies.

See my video above for how to fix 'em!

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