Friday, December 28, 2012

Do game creators get holidays?

My hubby Raymond, a black fine line art drawing done with Manga Studio
Raymond - who is a Saint
Well, I sort of had some.

I tried to spend some quality time with my long-suffering hubby Raymond, and caught up with my in-laws for a big turkey lunch.

My last day at my current paying gig is not for a couple of weeks yet, but I said "Happy holidays" to my colleagues on Friday last week, and since then I have had a full week on my own recognisance.

In that time I've made a fair bit of progress on getting to grips with Cocoa, and with actually getting useful functionality into the GameCreator tool.

It has 4 screens: Rooms, Atoms, Aspects and Identifiers.  I've done 3 now, with the Atoms screen now pretty much working.  There's a couple of bugs with the Undo but I can add new Atoms to a room, delete them and so on.

I figured having done the Rooms one the Atoms would be easy: not so much.  When I select a room I want the Atoms screen to show only the Atoms for that room, and that turned out to be a real pain.

Cocoa bindings would not play ball at all and I had to refactor quite a bit to get what I needed working. The problem was that each screen is a seperate xib file, and its loaded by its own controller - I switch between controllers using a top-level screen.  Trying to communicate from one screen controller to the next turned out to be nasty.

I go back to work on Wednesday next week and have sort of two half-weeks before I'm full time on my own stuff.  Maybe I should take some of that time between now and when I go back to actually rest.

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