Sunday, August 25, 2013

Change of Gear

Hear ye, hear ye.

I'm moving for a time into a part-time game development mode.  This means I will be time-slicing my game dev activities into a working week of contract and freelance $$$ generating work.

Initially at least I'm planning to do quite a lot of revenue positive work to get some things kicked off again, and that will mean not much game dev output for a month or so.

Longer term it means I get to continue my game development, not go crazy with financial and other constraints, and I can work on EthEx2080 and other games in a sustainable way.

The good news for me personally is that this is a circuit-breaker that allows me to take the pressure off getting EthEx2080 out the door prematurely, and with the quality impacts that that entails - as I don't need it to start paying for itself so quickly - and it also lowers my stress to a manageable level.

Will I complete it?


I am absolutely committed to finishing EthEx2080, but the release date will be quite a bit later than December 2013.

When exactly?

I don't know.  Not a mystery or a problem - its just a case of having to find out what my rate of game dev output is once I settle in to this new part-time model.

Since I will be able to justify investing in some freelancers to do art and other content for the game, that will shorten the schedule; but obviously the lesser availability of my time to code and do the other work required will lengthen it.

I will do a new project plan once I work out how fast I'm getting through things, and that will allow me to extrapolate forwards.

Thanks to everyone who is following me, and has been encouraging me - I hope y'all keep doing so as it really helps when getting through the hard yards.

Keep posted, and happy hacking!

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