Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress update video

A thing or two dropped into place today so I thought I'd upload this progress update video showing where things are at with my game, EthEx2080.

Apologies for my halting voice-over - I am a bit weary but I get there in the end.  :-)

All constructive criticism is gratefully received.

Please bear in mind that nothing is carven in stone at present, especially the character look and animation.  I am looking at changing over to Spine for that which will give me an opportunity to redo the vector art from my original Anime Studio work.

I want to give our heroine a slightly softer look - she's kind of a hard-nosed type at present!  Also the way the vector art came out trying to allow for the face animations and neck movement made the line around the face heavier than I wanted.  Anyway - you get the idea.

By the way - if anyone followed my presentation on Lua scripting you can see a bit of that coming through here in how the game text is generated from the state of in-game items.

Let me know what you think.

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