Monday, March 11, 2013

Character rushes

Rushes from the studio floor.  This is a still frame from my current work, animating the main character Erin.  She looks a bit grim, but I suppose you would be if you woke up with the headache she has in the game.  :-)

I use Anime Studio Pro which uses vector art in layers; and the above is actually around 30 different layers, one for each of the moveable parts of the body, and another one in some cases (switch layers) for parts of the body that have different appearances.  The hands for example have a "grasp" position as well as the above relaxed position; and the feet can either be straight on (as the left foot) or aside (as in the right one).

When the camera zooms in the vectors scale nicely which gives a good result.  The shading is done with a single polygon defined by another unstroked vector.

Anime studio lets me export to PNG sequences, which I then texture packer down into sprite sheets for use with Cocos2D.

Now to work, doing the walk cycle, idle animations (scratch eyebrow, twitch feet to different stance) and a few others.

Update: mov export of first walk-cycle animations.  Going to refactor this a bit.

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